ViVi-Q Gallery

A few of our teleprompting moments ….

Steven Tyler
Vivi-Q Shoot
Vivi-Q Teleprompting
Vivi-Q at Hollywood Studios
Viivi Q Teleprompting looking out over water
Vivi Q with Steven Tyler
Vivi Q Teleprompting setting up
AAFC Awards
Arnold Schwarzenegger with Mick Walker, Vivi-Q
Vivi Q Teleprompting at Team Ninja Warrior
Vivi-Q at AAFC Awards
Vivi Q Teleprompting at Hope On Wheels
Vivi-Q Preparing Stage with Teleprompting Gear
Vivi-Q at ETO
Vivi-Q Teleprompting at Rival Rally
Vivi-Q Teleprompting
Vivi Q Teleprompting at Tom Petty Concert
Palm Spring Film Awards with Vivi Q Teleprompting
Vivi Q Teleprompting Service
Mick Walker & Vivi Q team at International Film Festival
Vivi Q Awards Ceremony
Mick Walker & team, Vivi Q Teleprompting
Vivi Q at Hollywood Studios
Vivi-Q Teleprompting on the snow
Vivi Q at Clients
Mick Walker with Bill Nye
Visioneers Summit with Viv-q Teleprompting Service